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Christo Driving School What's in the News:


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Christo and In Control
(L - R-  Dan Strollo, President In Control; Southborough Fire Chief J. Mauro; Michael and Chris Christo of Christo Driving School, Chris Murphy, Shauna & Meghan's dad; Sean Martin, Ben, Tracy and Nicole.



Mass RMV and EOPSS Release Video for Parents of Teenage Drivers (10-2017):


Algonquin students take safe driving class
The Metrowest Daily News, October 7th, 2009

Christo Driving School and In Control Crash Prevention Training
Reprinted with permission from The Southborough News, October 7th, 2009

October 7, 2009 - It is nearing a somber date in history for Southborough and Northborough residents. October 13th will mark the fourth year since the loss of Shauna and Meghan Murphy. Their friend Melissa survived the crash. Since the accident, the sister’s parents have committed themselves to keeping other teens save on the roadways. The Murphy Sister’s Foundation was created. Out of this foundation, Christopher and Michelle envisioned mentoring teens through several programs that address speed, drinking and texting while driving. The foundation offers annual scholarships in the sister’s names and the Murphy Sister’s Foundation donates money to Christo’s Driving school and their partner In Control Advanced Driver Training. The money helps to reduce the cost of the Skid School training for young drivers. A student that has taken the course learns the skills needed for a safer drive and can then save money when insuring with Auto companies.

Today, reporters were able to interview several students that have recently attended the In Control program. Southborough resident Tracy said the program helped her immensely. She knows she will react to a driving incident differently now that she has been in the class and learned ways to deal with danger behind the wheel. She said her favorite part of the class was the tailgating activity. Tracy is also glad that she will have a better understanding and knowledge of how to react instantly to a driving incident.

Sean from Northborough said his dad kept mentioning that he should take the program. Sean has been driving for a year and half now and says the skid school class has made him more aware of how to correct driving mistakes in emergencies. He also said that the class was a lot of fun. Nicole from Southborough has been driving for nearly a year now. She also learned a lot from the tailgating part of the class. She had taken her lessons at Christo’s Driving School and had heard about the Murphy Sister’s Foundation. The skid school was also recommended to her by a friend.

Ben comes from Hopkinton and was taking driving lessons from Christo’s. Ben has been behind the wheel nearly two years now since getting his driving permit. Ricky Christo kept mentioning the In Control Skid school class and asked if he would like to try it out and if he liked it to recommend it to his friends. Ben said he learned quite a bit about stopping, preventing accidents, tailgating and acquiring better driving habits. He ended with “Everyone needs this experience to be a better driver.” He would recommend the class for every one of all ages.

The Christo Driving School started in 1951. Michael and Chris now assist with the operation along with mom and dad Ricky and Donna. Chris says all their instructors are required to do sixty-five hours of training before certification as an instructor. The employees have gone through the In Control classes and have monthly meetings on new updates, laws and regulations.

In Control Advanced Driver Training has been focused since 2003 on lowering the number of automobile crashes caused by driver error. The advanced driver training course is four hours long. There are several locations where classes are offered such as Worcester, Weymouth and North Andover. In Control has trained more than 13,000 students. Dan Strollo, President of In Control says, “The dangers facing teen drivers these days are more severe than ever. Young people are growing up accustomed to having all sorts of electronic devices in their vehicle, but these devices are creating dangerous distractions that lead to crashes. We not only need to give teen drivers the skills needed to avoid crashes, but we need to instill a safety-first attitude, so they respect the dangers associated with driving and avoid distractions.

Chris Murphy, President of the Murphy Sisters Foundation says “You cannot put a budget or limitation as to how much a parent can spend on the safety, protection, and training of a teenage driver.” He goes on to say “The car is a lethal weapon and young teens need to know the limitations of a vehicle. We want to raise the level of awareness that a car can kill not only you, but also your passengers and innocent bystanders. By encouraging young teens to attend the voluntary training program, we feel we are better preparing the drivers and will be saving lives.” The foundation has given Christo’s Driving School $5,000 to reduce the cost of students fees to the skid school. The foundation has also donated $12,000 in scholarships and most recently $8,000 to the new Serenity Garden at Algonquin High school in honor of lost students and faculty members to provide a special area for students to meditate and reflect.

In Control Skid School teaches numerous vehicle defensive driving lessons.

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Tailgating drills
  • Steering control
  • Speed control
  • Spatial awareness / Backing up
  • Hazardous conditions
  • Rapid decision making
  • Personal risk assessment
  • Proper hand placement and seating
  • Emergency braking (including ABS)
  • Emergency lane change
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Making quick decisions

For more information on Christo’s Driving School, click here; In Control Advanced Driver Training, click here; Murphy Sisters Foundation, click here; Serenity Garden at Algonquin High School, click here.

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