Committed to the safety of our students

At Christo Driving School, Inc., we have been focused on developing safe, responsible drivers for over 50 years. Our outstanding success record has made us the educator of choice in the metro-west area. Through our unmatched curriculum of classroom lectures and on-road training, we ensure our students possess the proper skills and abilities to make safe driving decisions and to continue to practice responsible driving habits throughout their driving careers.

Our instructors constantly challenge our students throughout their training with distractions, defensive situations, and common-sense conditioning, and they do so in a fun, encouraging environment that students enjoy and respond well to. We care about the way our students drive, and we're sure the drivers we put on the road are the safest, most reliable drivers they can be.

Simplifying the process

We realize the demands driving school puts on the already hectic schedules of students and parents, so we make every effort to accommodate our customers through flexible class schedules and convenient locations, as well as offering group driving lessons and private lessons in our fleet of current model pre-approved vehicles. Christo Driving School is proud to be the first Drivers' Ed provider to offer the only state-certified skid school in Massachusetts. Through our skid school program, our students receive an additional 4.5 hours of crash prevention training and up to 20% off their insurance.

We make road tests easy by arranging the RMV examiners to meet at our Northboro location to administer the tests.

Classes are available for students of all ages, and we gladly offer our services and vehicles to non-students for road testing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Attitudinal Courses Available     

Christo Driving School is offering an Attitudinal Retraining Course. This is a 2 hour program focused on teaching young drivers to be cautious and responsible while driving.

Topics covered include:

  • How inexperienced drivers could cause serious situations; putting themselves and their passengers at risk.
  • Understanding the dangers of speeding and drug use while behind the wheel.
  • How to take responsibility for attitude and driving behavior.

Students who complete the course will have a better understanding of the responsibilities of being a safe and courteous driver.

Please contact the office at 508-481-6384  for more information.

Senior Drivers

We are offering private driving lessons for senior drivers and will sponsor for any evaluation test the RMV may require.

Attitudinal Course

Our next Attitudinal Class is scheduled for May 18th, 2015 located at 186 Main St., Marlboro. Please call the office to sign up.


The Christo Advantage

One-week accelerated
courses available

Up to 20% off insurance

School pick-up during free
blocks, study halls and lunch

Saturday Road Test

Convenient payment plan

Mastercard, Visa and Discover Accepted